Are you thinking to customize your abaya and hijab collection? No need to worry for that because our store is the best option. Why? Because we provide you with a huge variety of abayas in different colors, having different designs, with different patterns, and a lot more. This time it is the turn of our newly launched embroidery abaya to become the part of your decent abaya collection. Embroidered abayas are a trend to die for. If you are a hijabi, you would always have thought to get an embroidered abaya for your personal collection because women love embroidery. Whether it is on sleeves, neck, border, back, tail or on the flare, it always gives a beautiful eye-catching vibe.


As it is known all around the globe that the tradition of covering one’s head and even one’s body for the intention of veil is common among women especially Muslim women. This tradition is being followed since ages with a number of changes in its fashion and styling. Earlier, women were simple and decent. They had just one concept of abaya and that was to cover themselves. Women now have become modern and they have developed great sense of fashion with the development. This development has also brought vast changes to abaya designs and hijabs today due to which there is a vast difference between abayas in 19 century and now.


Looking at the history of abayas, we have brought many new trends to our abaya collection so that our customers never get bored and they prefer wearing abayas more often. For our customers, we have launched our new collection of embroidery designed different style abayas which you can buy online through hijab online UAE. No need to worry about boring abayas now because we have made them more fashionable.


No need to wait anymore because our new launch is full of designs that are going to surprise you and the details on these abayas will catch your heart. We have brought different colors that women prefer seasonally. For summers, we have light, refreshing colors with light embroidery on borders. Designs on border never feel heavy and this is what our customers need for a perfect summer abaya so we have used lace inserts in them. For winters women prefer dark colors like pestle colors and heavy embroidery is also chosen over light designs so our collection also has intricate Aari embroidery which is further detailed with Swarovski elements.


For a modern and classy look, we also have embroidered broad sleeves in our abayas. On black abayas there is grey design work on sleeves and that really looks vibrant. Women who prefer wearing black abayas but get bored with it have a greater chance to modify their collection with this type of abaya catalogue. Light colored embroidery is used to make black abayas get more limelight. One of our black abayas looks astonishing with white strips all around the borders and in center. It is really going to attract our customers. Double-colored abayas are also available for those who love to wear different colors in one go. You must check them all out on our website for more information.

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