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Transforming Delivery Businesses Through GPS-Enabled Fleet Management Solutions

GPS tracking fleet management system  can increase your productivity  and utilization of the fleet by 10% to 15 % and 15% to 20% severally and diminish  the fuel consumption by 20% to 25% , downtime by 20 to 30%, miles driven by 5 to 10% and overtime by 10 to 15%.

By the help of GPS tracking fleet management solutions,  saves 30 minutes per day, per driver, furthermore the GPS tracking system lessens the price and enhances the performance of the vehicle.

In this blog, we will understand how the delivery business fleet improves by the GPS tracking management solutions.

Improved  delivery by  GPS tracking management solutions

Telematics is the term that is used  for the storage  and receiving of the information from the devices  to remote objects over the network. 

Fleet telematics  unite the GPS systems, wireless information devices, black box technique  to record  and transfer the vehicle information for example speed, position, sustenance the requirements and monitoring the condition of the internal vehicle.

In many years, the premium vehicle telematics have emerged to involve the cellular data modem, GPS tracking, a backup battery and linked to sensors. This will lead to digital telematics.

Telematics is beneficial for making your vehicle safer, keeps you from getting lost, Cite roadside assist as well as  routes you around accidents,  dial 911, if you are in the unpredicted accidents and embark your EV charging at the 2 a.m  when rates are cheapest.

GPS tracking fleet management solutions is the central part of vehicle telematics and is liable  for the effective management systems of today.

For GPS tracking fleet management solutions, Size doesn’t matter

GPS tracking fleet management solutions are ascendible, they can parturition the results  for all sizes and kinds of the vehicles. If you run  for the business services with 10 or fewer fleets, a country wide public agency with a number of assets like  cars, trucks  and others, you can handle the cost while functioning your whole fleet more effectively.

Effective GPS tracking  fleet management solutions system

GPS tracker is best for the fleet management system, advantage of the telematics for every vehicle of the fleet to enhance the driver security by checking the vehicle speed, tough braking  and other unsafe driving activities, prevent the greenhouse emissions and meet the aims of the environments, drivers are more efficient  to enhance  the customer service  and on time deliveries, enhancing overall the fleet effectiveness.

Telematics, the superior  device for fleet management, has emerged to involve the engine diagnostics tool, GPS, LoT devices  and sensors, and cloud storage.

GPS tracking fleet management solutions  have provided birth to many petitions. One of the major petitions is real time vehicle tracking.

Real time monitoring using GPS tracking fleet management solutions

GPS is the minor tracking device, which can be connected under the seat of the driver, monitor the position of the vehicle  and get the information like speed, performance, fuel consumption. 

Any fleet manager has to watch the real time movement of the vehicle on the map, with the assistance of a mobile or web app irrespective of the screen in front of him.

The other advantage of this track is you can monitor the activities of the vehicle on the mobile app and receive the alerting  notifications. For example, over speeding of the vehicle, leakage of the fuel, stolen vehicle, location of the vehicle.

Examining the vehicle GPS tracking fleet management solutions and IoT devices

For orchestration business, tracking the vehicle position is very essential as is the monitoring assets it carries.

With the assistance of GPS tracking fleet management solutions and LoT devices or the sensors fixed  in the vehicles, orchestration businesses can monitor the position of their  fleet in real time  on the road. By the real-time notifications you take immediate action on.

To enhance the process of what is happening with the vehicles  and the drivers, GPS systems provide real time alerts to those handling them to bring pending management decisions on the table at the very moment.

If the assets are speeding beyond the limitations, the GPS system will send the notification to the fleet controller smartphone and  take immediate action on it.

These notifications can be personalized in number of ways 

  • Warming notification by group members,fleets,  drivers
  • E-mail and SMS alerts messages
  • Convey the alerting  notifications as per  drivers, clients,managers, and  the management group

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