The overall temperature of Dubai has drastically increased with time, and the struggle of keeping the houses and office spaces in natural touch is somewhat tricky. The people have invented a new way to keep the surroundings cool by installing indoor plants. These kinds of plants are easy to maintain, and they sustain without significant sunlight and effort. These indoor plants are also a medium for decoration. If you want to find a good flower vase Dubai to use with it, you can find the best designs at Pure essence luxe.

Here are a few tips on how you can take care of your Indoor Plants:

  • Know your plant: Before you bring in a pot for your house, you need to research the type of plant you have purchased. When it comes to indoor, many plants have many different needs and requirements, and for them to live and thrive, we must provide the things necessary for them. Study your plant and look for its needs.
  • Control the water level: It is a misconception that all plants need a lot of water. Overwatering the plants is not good when it comes to indoor ones. The plants get low sunlight, and there is only a minor amount of water that they can absorb. The rest collects at the surface and invites bugs and mosquitoes. Give an adequate amount of water every once in two days and look out for dripping spots.


  • Expose it to sunlight: Every once in a while, expose and keep your plant out for sunlight. If you see that your plant is gradually drying and losing its life, keeping it in the sunlight can help. It is also wise to position the plants in sunny areas of your house; this way, you would not have the trouble of mobility around.
  • Change the soil: With time, indoor plants are more prone to soil damage. For the plants to get the minerals and vitals of the ground, it is beneficial to change and add fresh soil. You can also add fertilizers and small-scale farming goods to make your plant appear fresher and healthy.
  • Put it in a pretty vase: This is a fashion and aesthetic tip. With indoor plants, you have the extraordinary privilege of decorating them with an exquisite and designed vase. If you look for the designs of the flower vase Dubai offers, you will be amused. There are so many symmetrical designs that can bring nature and fashion side by side to your interiors.

Taking care of an indoor plant is less hustle than maintaining the outdoor ones, but it can still go wrong in many ways. It would be best to be punctual with the watering, the sunlight, and the cleaning of vases. Do not let dust collect on it; save it from breaking, keep them at spots far from the edges, and polish the vase every once in a while. If you are looking for the best designs for a flower vase, you should look through Essence Luxe. Start your journey towards healthier surroundings, and good luck taking care of your plant.

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