Guide to Different Skilled PR Programs in Canada

Canada is a developed country that has been among the top destinations for skilled people to stay and work. Each year the country accepts more than 200 lakhs immigrants who apply on multiple programs. Moreover, being a country with various new job opportunities, it actively offers permanent residency status for skilled foreign nations interested in immigrating into the country. Contact the best consultant for Canada PR in Mumbai if you are interested in enhancing the pay scale and standard of living by moving into Canada. We have brought together the five major visa categories available for skilled personnel to apply in Canada.

Various Types of Programs for PR


It is a program that the government designs explicitly to help provinces in Canada get skilled workers to fill their required job vacancies. Under the option, any person who receives the invitation should stay and work only in the province that nominated him. After he completes his three years of stay, he can apply for PR status if he wishes to.


The program allows foreign nationals with high skills and experience to immigrate and work in Quebec. Here the ideal candidate is selected based on a series of factors. The applicants applying under the program must have the knowledge to speak, write and read the French language. The government of Quebec invites the prospect to fill out a form and apply for the CSQ certificate. After receiving the certificate, he can proceed with the PR application.


It is a community-driven pilot program that the government designs to spread skilled immigration benefits to small communities inside Canada. Foreign citizens holding a PR visa can stay and work in member communities under the program. For this, he will have to follow all the general and community-specific requirements. However, the program generally requires only minimum qualifications, money, experience and language conditions, making it ideal for foreign nationals to settle down quickly.


It is a program to get the PR that the Canadian government designs to attract foreign nationals with skills. However, they must also have the required years of experience working in a country other than Canada. In addition, he must have a good score on a proficiency test in English or French. Finally, there must be at least a year of permanent or continuous experience working in any specific occupation within the previous ten years.


It is a fast-track pathway to acquire a PR status that the government designed by joining together the four Atlantic provinces. It is an employer-specific program that gives employment opportunities for skilled personnel from foreign nations required to fill up the vacancies in their locality. He can also get a settlement plan to live in the community with his family.
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