Despite the age of a individual , the day of their birth must be toastd whether the individual is 2 or 82, you still got a cause to toast that celebration worthy day every year. Offering  gifts to the birthday boy or birthday girl are with undoubdetly  a popular tradition, however, do you know there is just another unique way of wishing them “happy birthday”, that is, by offering them a bouquet of their favorite plants to convey your emotions and delightfulness on this very celebration worthy day on which they were born.

Plants are that extremely expressive, delicate, and charming plants that are classic to convey your thoughts and emotions without having to speak those thoughts out loud. They convey your look after and just how much grateful you are of them for simply existing in a very pronounced manner. For the dispatch of farm fresh birthday flowers Dubai to your beloved ’s doorstep there has to be no finer  flowers delivery Dubai option than “rose charms plants and cake shop in Dubai”.


Any plant is valued as a birthday offering nonetheless, however, there are types of plants that due to their unique meaning and popularity pose as a finer selection than the rest of the plants. Here is the list of plants you can pick from, to dispatch over to your birthday individual’s place:

  1. ROSES: this plant is with undoubtedly whatsoever the most famous plant all around the globe. Being an approximately 35,000,000 years old plant explains its widespread popularity. It exists in a variety of different shapes, colors, and sizes. Well, it is no news that roses represent “warmth and intimate attachment”, but did you have any idea that with a change in colors the meaning of these charming plants also varies? 

Following are the common colors in which the rose can be found all around the world and the meaning hidden behind its changing colors:

  • Red rose: Romantic emotions
  • Pink rose: Feelings of admiration
  • White rose: Modest and pure fondness
  • Yellow rose: Companionship
  • Lavender rose: First sight fancy fondness expression

Now with the meaning of each rose listed down, you can pick the rose that is closest to the fondness you hold for the recipient for flowers delivery Dubai.

  1. LILIES: there exists approximately close to 100 species of lily however, out of them
  • Daylilies
  • Easter lilies

And a few more dominant ones are popular as the “literal lilies”. It has a unique “trumpet shape” with a segment of 6 petals, not to mention the wide, never-ending color variety that could be found in lilies. With this variety and pleasant exteriors of these plants, there is absolutely no question in the fact that you will easily find birthday flowers Dubaiin rose charms plants and cake shop that “one lily”, you might want to dispatch to the birthday individual to wish them luck and successful years ahead in future.

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