Australian Skilled Immigration: Pathway to Success

Skilled immigration is the easiest option available in front of foreign nationals planning to settle down through Australia immigration Dubai. It is a type of program designed by the country’s government to bring skilled people from other countries as immigrants. The country has a list of occupations, and the person planning to immigrate must have knowledge and education that match the position listed, making him the best choice. The professionals with skills are usually accepted as immigrants to fill up the gaps in the positions that cannot be filled by the local people there.

What Sets it Apart?

  • The person must possess some skills, work experience, and qualification that is perfect for the vacancies available.
  • The time required to process the application for skilled immigration is comparatively lesser than other choices available to migrants.
  • He should also be fluent in English and have an ideal score required in the application.
  • It is also possible for him to take his family to stay, study or live in the country along with him.
  • Along with getting a chance to sit in a well-paid position, it also allows him to apply for citizenship there if he has plans to stay there longer.

Options for People with Skills

Permanent Skilled Immigration – Regional

It is an option that allows the person and his family members mentioned in the application to live, study and work in the country indefinitely. The main condition required to be followed is that the person applying must have worked and stayed in any of the regional areas in the country.


It is an option that allows skilled foreign nationals aged from 18 to 49 to stay and work in the country without any sponsorship from an employer. With it, the person has full working rights in Australia and can remain there for an indefinite period.


A Skilled Nominated visa is a PR option available for a foreign national if an employer in the country is sponsoring him. They must be nominated by the state or territory government. Those interested people must, first of all, submit an expression of interest to the Dept. of Home Affairs.

Temporary Skilled Immigration – Regional

It is a temporary permit that is given to foreign nationals interested in working and living in the regional areas of Australia. It allows you to take your family along with you. It will enable the person to travel in and out of the country for four years until the visa is valid.

Temporary Graduate 485

It is a migration program that attracts foreign students who have completed their studies in Australia to live and work there. It is a temporary visa, but you can apply for the PR visa once you gain a few years of work experience in the country if you are interested.

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